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Developed by a panel of publishing experts and the CLMP staff, the Intern Training Manual is a comprehensive guide to literary publishing and a behind-the-scenes resource for new interns all rolled into one. By sending new interns the Intern Training Manual (avaible in an easily-disseminated PDF format), publishers can save hours of needless explaining and avoid countless mistakes!

The Intern Training Manual includes the following:


  • Time Management Tips
  • Phone Etiquette 101
  • Common Sense Rules for Data Entry
  • A Guide to Shipping Services
  • How to Write the Perfect Business Letter


  • Production Glossary
  • Production Basics
  • How to Get a Cost Estimate for Printing
  • Tips on Working With Printer's Proofs/Bluelines


  • Glossary of Marketing Tools
  • Doorstep Prospecting: Making the Most of Your Connextions
  • Organizing an Exchange Ad Campaign
  • Press Release Outline
  • Sample Letter to Reviewer/Event Venue
  • Sample Event Fact Sheet
  • Sample Conference Packing Slip


  • Grant Reseach and Foundation Cultivation
  • Grant Proposal Components
  • Breaking Down Direct Mail


  • Editorial Policy: Know Thy Publisher
  • Editing vs. Copyediting vs. Proofreading
  • Using Professional and In-House Style Manuals
  • Managing the Slush Pile
  • Editorial FAQs: How to Answer Queries


  • Bibliography and Internet Resource Guide

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