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CLMP Newswire logoThe CLMP Newswire, which is available exclusively in an e-mail format covers literary publisher news including notable achievements, innovative marketing and fundraising programs, people news, e-publishing ventures, grant making and fundraising trends, politics and policy issues affecting small literary publishers, and awards and grants deadlines. Although the CLMP Newswire provides hyperlinks to particularly important major news stories that have appeared elsewhere on the web, the goal is to uncover news of special interest to literary publishers that hasn't appeared in print before. Send news items to Leslie Schwartz at


Issued on the 1st and 15th of each month, the CLMP Newswire is free to CLMP members and non-members alike. Please email to subscribe.


CLMP accepts text advertising at a cost of $1 per word for members and $5 per word for non-members. Text ads are positioned at the end of each Newswire. Email for more information on advertising.

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The free archives are delayed by two weeks.

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