Dear CLMP Publishers and Literary Presenters,

Welcome to the CLMP Database for Literary Publishers and Presenters. This database has been made possible through support from the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency, and through the National Endowment for the Arts.

The core data of this database was collected directly from funders of literary projects, including those supporting book and magazine publishing, live literary programming, translation projects, educational projects, and other literary programs. The strength of this database, however, correlates directly to your participation. You will note as you do searches that we have provided you with the ability to add contacts and to update information. As each of you adds information based on your own direct contacts and regional knowledge, the effectiveness of the database will continue to deepen. What sort of information might you add? If you know, for example, that a particular foundation has moved, you can provide the correct address (or simply let us know that you believe they have moved and we'll contact them and find out). If you know of a foundation that you believe has funded a literary project and that you don't see listed, let us know that too. If there are multiple individuals at a single venue, perhaps you know which is the best primary contact. And so forth.

More importantly, if you have received a grant from one of these foundations, please add that information. The fields listing past literary projects actually funded by each of these funders provides one of the most useful aspects of the database. Only you can provide us with this information.

Here are a few tips for grantseekers. Always focus your project as much as possible to align with the mission of the potential funder. Do not expect to receive general operating support on your first ask (only after repeat project funding from a single funder should you discuss general operating support). Try to determine how your organization/project fits into the fundation's list of previously funded projects. If a foundation lists a website, be sure to visit it and read their application instructions carefully before applying. You may telephone and ask questions if they provide a phone number, but only after you have carefully read all of the information that they provide. After submitting a proposal, wait patiently for a response—it is customary to wait one year before submitting again. If you receive a rejection, you may contact the foundation and ask for advice on how to better apply next time.

Thank you for participating! Through this kind of resource sharing, we can further accomplish our group mission of connecting writers to readers.


Jeffrey Lependorf
Director, CLMP


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