Press Release Outline

A standard press release to announce a book should include:

  • contact name, telephone, and email
  • newsy headline, if appropriate, or just title of the book as headline
  • description that includes mention of any timely angles to the book
  • one or two of your best endorsements
  • author biographical statement
  • book vital stats: title, author, publication date, retail price, ISBN, distributor, specs (page count, number of illustrations, binding), category (e.g. fiction, poetry), status of foreign rights, notable first printing amount, notable publicity plans
  • mission statement of the press
  • address and website for the press

Keep the length of your release to one or two pages.

The press release is the backbone of your press kit. If you have the wherewithal, other materials to include in your media mailing are:

  • color copy or printed flat of the cover (Your printer may give you unused covers for free or minimal charge, but make sure to ask upfront.)
  • press clips about the author
  • author photo (to save on photo duplication, you can get lino output of a digital image instead of a regular glossy photo)

And don't forget to include a cover letter that emphasizes your best sales handle.

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